Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the highest level of qualification in interpreters’ profession.

It is not a secret that simultaneous interpretation is one of the most complicated types of interpretation and translation. A simultaneous interpreter shall be trained at a very high level.

We will solve the task, connected with the recruiting search of well-qualified interpreters.
All simultaneous interpreters, who are employed with “WellDone” translation agency, are very experienced in the field and have been carefully checked by our agency.

You shall not be surprised to know that simultaneous interpretation will be always be performed by a pair of  



This peculiarity can be explained by strong mental stress, affecting a simultaneous interpreter. To achieve maximum quality of speech interpretation, interpreters are working by turns, changing each other every 15-30 minutes.

Simultaneous interpretation is impossible without
technical component.

Simultaneous interpretation
– quickly, comprehensively and conveniently!

Advantages of simultaneous interpretation:

  • regime of information delivery is convenient for comprehension as you can hear a speaker’s speech without delays;
  • simultaneous interpretation helps to spare time of participants’ speaking performance;
  • simultaneous interpretation of a speech is not obligatory for all attendants – one should just put off the headphones, with the help of which the processed information enters. Thus, the event’s participants, who have good command of a foreign language, are  able to listen to the information comfortably.