Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is always a duet of a speaker and an interpreter.
Consecutive interpretation is one of interpretation types.
The point is that an interpreter interprets a speaker’s phrases and utterances step-by-step. The speaker makes logic pauses, providing the interpreter with the time for interpretation.
We cannot say that this type of translation puts lower demands to interpreters than others. Strong qualification skills of interpreters, employed with “WellDone” translation agency, enables to get the proper essence, uttered by the speaker.
“WellDone” translation agency is very attentive to its customers, that is why we select consecutive interpreters, taking not only their professional qualification into account, but also as open-hearted, sincere and sociable people.
Interpreters of “WellDone” translation agency will turn every meeting, excursion or training into a pleasant entertainment!
Advantages of consecutive interpretation
  • possibility of interpreting at any place, in a street, while walking, etc.;
  •  possibility of work without any special equipment;
  •  possibility of one consecutive interpreter engagement (in case of simultaneous interpretation there shall be at least two interpreters);